You +

In the car, at the office, you tune in to WCBE. Informing you about breaking news. Connecting you to NPR. Streaming your favorite music. Meeting you where you are, WCBE continues their pledge to be here for you.

Community +

A core responsibility of public radio, 90.5 connects with the community. Because the station engages listener feedback and builds meaningful partnerships, bands, businesses and individuals all have a local voice through WCBE.

90.5 – community-focused, community-supported radio.




Live, local programming makes the difference.

Music +

Live from Studio A, WCBE streams eclectic sounds from funk to folk, classics to country, and reggae to rock ’n’ roll. Supporting the Columbus-born and the just visiting, 90.5 plays what’s current.

News +

Bringing you dependable, global, in-depth reporting is a hallmark of NPR. Bringing that same dependability to local reporting is a hallmark of central Ohio’s NPR station. WCBE is your connection to what matters — in your neighborhood, across the country, and around the world.





OurWCBE was established to support Central Ohio’s independent and locally focused public radio station, WCBE 90.5.

First licensed in 1956, WCBE has evolved into a true community asset with over 9,000 members, and up to 100,000 listeners. A new nonprofit, OurWCBE helps WCBE 90.5 continue to deliver local programming and maintain its wide-ranging advocacy of local arts, music, entertainment, food, health, environmental, business and civic involvement. OurWCBE takes the station to the next level of community engagement by providing a platform where listeners and supporters may contribute to WCBE 90.5. Through backing from the community, WCBE can continue to build through equipment, development and programming.

The Founders and Trustees of OurWCBE are long-time and ardent supporters of WCBE 90.5.

  • Dan Mushalko, Station Manager
  • Joe Chornyak, Chornyak & Associates
  • Maureen Metcalf, Metcalf & Associates, Inc.
  • Don McTigue, McTigue, McGinnis & Colombo
  • Tyler Steele, Hines
  • Megan Kilgore, City of Columbus